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I grew up near Dallas, the daughter of a Japanese-American dad and an Irish-English mother. I wrote about what that was a like in a fictional version (Dixieland Sushi). I've always loved romance, from the time when I used to "borrow" mom's Victoria Holt and Danielle Steel books. For the record, I read ALL the bits, not just the naughty ones. 

I've nearly always had my nose in a romance novel, even as early as fourth grade when I discovered the Sunfire Romance Series for teens.  I devoured them all in one summer. 

I got my BA in English from Penn and worked as a newspaper reporter for five years after graduation. After writing a whole lot of sad stories about car crashes and crime, I decided I needed to bring the world a bit more happiness, so I worked on finishing my first novel. I landed my first book deal at age 29 with Simon and Schuster. Since then, I've been writing happy endings with Audible, Hallmark, Harlequin, Hooked, and St. Martin's Press. I was a finalist for the Gayle Wilson award of Excellence in young adult fiction from the Romance Writers of America.  

I love the idea of finding love in unexpected places, and that theme runs through nearly all my books.  I've published more than a twenty novels, including I Do (But I Don't), which was made into a Lifetime Original Movie starring Denise Richards and Dean Cain.  I've written in a wide variety of genres from romantic comedy to paranormal romance and suspense. My novels have been translated into many languages and are sold all over the world, which is pretty darn cool. I can't thank my fans enough! You guys are the best.

I owe all my romantic inspiration to my amazing husband, PJ, who out-romances this romance author every day of our lives. I am incredibly lucky and very grateful. We live with our loving, but loud, family:  my two daughters and two stepdaughters, stepson and one seventy-five pound golden doodle. 

I also believe in giving back, so I founded edit-my-novel.com, a comprehensive editing service for novelists hoping to publish their own bestsellers. I love mentoring new  writers. I like to pay it forward!

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What Reviewers Say About Cara

 I Did (But I Wouldn't Now)

"An absolute treat!... Lockwood infuses her novels with a sense of fun and laughter and all around joy." 
-- In the Library Reviews

"The same quick wit as Lockwood's I Do (But I Don't)... [with] a story of heartbreak and renewal at the heart of the novel." 
-- Booklist 

 Every Demon Has His Day 

"Frightfully funny... An expansive and quirky cast lends plenty of supernatural support to Lockwood's chicken-fried chick lit paranormal." 
-- Publisher's Weekly 

 Pink Slip Party

"Readers will be delighted by the character-driven zaniness... Snappy repartee and hot sex scenes keep the story moving." 
-- Boston Herald

"The perfect bath read." 
-- The Daily News (NY)

"If you're looking for the perfect beach read, this adorable, romantic novel is it." 
-- YM Magazine

 I Do (But I Don't)

"A warm, amusing, lighthearted romp... Lockwood displays strong talent."
-- All Readers

"Lighthearted and entertaining... Refreshing... Intensely romantic yet comic storytelling." 
-- Romantic Times

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