In romance novels and in life... love happens...

...when you least expect it. Whether it's bringing the heat or the sweet, USA Today bestselling author Cara Lockwood writes romance novels with diverse characters who find unexpected love in all the wrong places.

She's written more than twenty novels, including I Do (But I Don't), which was made into a Lifetime Original Movie. 

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 One sexy assignment leads to off-the-charts passion in USA TODAY bestselling author Cara Lockwood’s latest sizzling DARE novel!

What happens when a sex columnist finds out a very sexy alpha...

might need, er, help in the bedroom?  

Playboy billionaire Wilder Lange is 100 percent sex. Women probably stand in line to worship him. But sex columnist and expert Harley Vega isn’t one of them. Especially since he eliminated her publishing job. Living in New York City takes stamina—and a lot of cash—so she has to find a new job. Fast.

Enter Wilder with his broad shoulders and almost jet-black hair. The gorgeous man has a very unusual request. He needs her expertise, and it must remain confidential. He also wants Harley—a woman with brains, sensitivity and a beauty she hasn’t noticed until he makes her look in the mirror.

Now Harley finds herself in close confines with the sexiest man on earth, one she should detest. He has her questioning her own knowledge of a topic she has studied for years: unbridled passion. She’s the one who’s supposed to uncover his secrets, not the reverse. Their crazy chemistry defies logic and soon Wilder shows her pleasure that makes her forget her own name. Is it even crazier to think they could bring this connection beyond the bedroom?

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Double Dare You: A Hot Holiday Romance

 What happens when an innocent dare turns naughty? Find out in this scorchingly hot new story from USA TODAY bestselling author Cara Lockwood…

“I dare you to kiss me.”

Allie Connors should know better. The last time she kissed adrenaline junkie Liam Beck, the result was a no-holds-barred, hottest-of-the-hot shag-a-thon—followed by the fastest disappearing act ever. Now the mouthwatering, hard-bodied sex god is standing in front of her, daring Allie to kiss him. And, oh, how she wants to…

Allie knows that one kiss with Liam Beck is practically a gateway sex drug. One kiss will send her tumbling headfirst back into lust and, worse, remind her that she is absolutely, completely, undeniably in love with the biggest commitmentphobe in the world.

But now a sexy little game of dare has turned Allie from a steady, believes-in-true-love accountant into a woman who asks for what she wants, and to hell with the consequences. It’s everything Beck ever wanted: hot, dirty, thoroughly satisfying sex. No strings. No hearts. And Allie is the one in control.

But with every dare, Allie is slipping down a dangerous slope. Because while Beck might be playing for a little wicked fun, Allie might just be playing for keeps…



No One Said Dating Was Easy


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 They tell you there are plenty of fish in the sea, but nobody mentions the sharks. Plunge into this hot, hilarious romance by USA Today best-selling author Cara Lockwood!

After her divorce, Lori never thought she'd date again, but after her teen daughter convinces her to use a dating app, she finds herself paired with... the man who just might be her new boss.

Rich, mysterious, and gorgeous, Peter is controlling her company's high-stakes merger. Everyone says he's a cutthroat corporate shark who takes no prisoners and guts companies with ruthless precision. But the more Lori gets to know that man behind the expensive suit, the more she discovers his hidden depths.

Peter and Lori can't deny their attraction. But are his feelings real, or does he just want inside information about the merger? And when another boardroom power player makes his interest known, Lori starts to she falling for the wrong shark?

One thing is clear: In the world of app dating, nothing is simple...but risking it all just might lead to the life of your dreams.

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Super Sexy, Super Short, Super Free!

Trick and Treat

Lizzie—in her Madonna costume—is on her way to the mother of all ’80s Halloween parties when the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen—dressed as Maverick from Top Gun—tries to steal her ride-share car. Suddenly she’s letting herself do things in the back of that car that she’d never do in her usual buttoned-up librarian life. But will this chance hookup turn into something more? Or will fate keep their paths from crossing again? 

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